MES optimizes resources sustainably

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Partner of Astrée Software, Fabienne Anselin is an energy performance consultant (Société CAP 50). During the Assises of MES 2017 in Paris, she spoke at the opening round table on the theme “MES optimizes resources sustainably”. Here is the summary of his speech.

Energy in the MES (Manufacturing execution system) :

If the energy cost represents a significant part of the cost of production, it is pertinent to set up an analytical accounting system per unit of production. This work requires a structured approach to determine as precisely as possible the energy cost attributable to the different products. This involves identifying the direct energy cost of each production entity (electricity, gas, etc.) and their share of utility consumption. This part is often produced centrally (compressed area, steam, cold, hot water, …).

This structured approach requires a mapping of the company’s energy use. This document should highlight :

  • consumption (kWh) and costs (€)
  • the energy reference situation

The baseline situation will identify the influencing factors that have an impact on consumption and will evaluate this impact to model the forecast consumption. The aim is to propose relevant energy performance indicators. They will be linked to the activity of the company in terms of production (timing, volume, …) and with other factors such as climate, …

This first step is essential in order to be able to control and improve energy performance.

Therefore, in accordance with the good practices of the energy audit or the planning phase of ISO 50 001, it is necessary to analyze its energy situation. This step should make it possible to build a relevant action plan and, on the other hand, a tool for monitoring / controlling energy performance.

Approach to be implemented in workshops :

The deployment of an approach to improve energy performance requires the involvement of :

  • of services in charge of utilities in the company,
  • of users of these energies and utilities (production teams).

In order to mobilize them, information must be given on the energy consumption linked to the production activity. This can be done by means of real-time data, but also forecasts (ie what their workshop is supposed to consume under current production conditions, according to the consumption model established in the initial phase). The third value that can be transmitted is the expected consumption target. It takes account of the reduction targets established. This communication is essential for :

  • inform / sensitize / empower users on energy aspects,
  • stimulate suggestions to reduce consumption (for example during downtime, change of tool, etc.),
  • for example, the need for preventive or corrective maintenance actions, since the energy consumption drift is often a symptom of a technical problem or a process to be corrected.

It is necessary to share information and actions related to energy performance. All the different parties involved, technical services and production in particular, must be involved. It is entirely in the spirit of ISO 50.001 which requires the setting up of an energy team including various services of the company.

It should be noted that energy-saving deposits can come from the “field”, on the production side, through LEAN-type approaches (LEANERGY) and not just the optimization of utilities as it is often the first reflex in the company!

The MES software is a tool for synthesizing information, consolidating, sharing and disseminating “good indicators” for the “good interlocutors”. It takes into account the production context (influencing factors: timing, volumes, product type, etc.) that are known, in real time and allows to consolidate at the right time these Energy Performance Indicators(EPi).

More informations

During this 2017 edition of the MES Assises, an expert workshop was conducted by Astrée Software. This workshop highlighted the company Syngenta Nérac and its approach of operational excellence set up with the support of the MES AquiWEB software.

Go to the website of our partner Cap 50:

Astrée Software offers AquiENERGIE, one of the 9 modules of the MES AquiWEB software. It is able to track energy consumption by providing patented indicators. Depending on the opening schedule, the data collected is aggregated before being implemented in a dashboard. Follow this link, for more information on the AquiERNERGIE module.

We also designed a packaged all-in-one package. With this tool, you can monitor your energy consumption. Discover in detail the box AquiENERGIE.