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Renouvellement Label ENR 2021

Après avoir reçu le label ENR (Entreprise Numérique Responsable) en 2014, Astrée Software vient de renouveler pour la troisième fois sa labellisation. L’enquête menée par FRANCE IT et dont le résultat conditionne l’obtention du label fait ressortir un taux de recommandation de nos clients de  94%.

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MES at an equipment manufacturer
Feedback from the Caillau company


After receiving the ENR (Entreprise Numerique Responsable or digital company responsible) Award for the first time in 2014, Astrée Software renewed its award at the end of 2016. The survey carried out by FRANCE IT shows a rate of 100% “satisfied” customers or “very satisfied” about Astrée Software performance.

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Choosing the right MES software.

MES software publisher, we offer you a step-by-step guide to move forward serenely in setting up your MES software implementation project.

  • Visual management with Aquiweb

    Visual management is a tool that integrates into a global approach of continuous improvement and performance management. Its objective is to define, using visual tools, a better working environment. The basic principle of visual management is the provision of information useful for operators but also for managers. This information must be concise and made available at the right time. The goal is to inform in real time to make good decisions.

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  • MES optimizes resources sustainably

    Partner of Astrée Software, Fabienne Anselin is an energy performance consultant (Société CAP 50). During the Assises of MES 2017 in Paris, she spoke at the opening round table on the theme “MES optimizes resources sustainably”. Here is the summary of his speech.

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  • Factory 4.0: what does the operator become ?

    Nouvelle organisation des moyens de production, l’usine du futur a pour but de mettre en place des usines intelligentes offrant une plus grande souplesse dans la production et une « gestion » plus efficace de toutes les ressources (moyens, matières, énergies, humaines).

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