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  • 100% connected scheduling

    Scheduling is a key element of production optimization. To maximize the productivity of your workshop, it is essential that resources are optimally utilized and that all production operations are synchronized. Connecting your scheduling tool to the production equipment lets you use production data without error or effort and thus guarantee a reliable and real time schedule.

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  • Galaxie Pro

    How has the Aquiweb software been implemented at GALAXIE PRO to improve workshop performance and cut the time spent tracking production by a factor of 4 ?

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  • LISI Automotive

    How the digitisation of 120 workstations has led to a 5 to 10 point improvement in OEE? How the implementation of Aquiweb has enabled the Mélisey plant to be awarded the “Vitrine Industrie du Futur” label?

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  • Guinot-Mary Cohr

    Aquiweb has been integrated into the packaging plant at the Dammarie-les-Lys plant to digitalise the production of more than 1,100 finished product references.

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  • MES & Maintenance: the path to Excellence

    The search for total quality, the obligation to reduce costs, the automation of manufacturing processes, etc. In response to industrial challenges, maintenance occupies a central
    place on the road to operational excellence.

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  • How to choose your MES software company

    You have decided to improve your industrial performance by using MES software. You have to choose the provider. But how can you be sure you’re not making a mistake? How can you be sure to select the right software company? View the infographic to discover the main qualities of a good MES software company

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  • ERP & MES: fluid and efficient data sharing

    Partners and complementary, ERP and MES are at the center of a permanent exchange of information: production data exchanges but not only that. So it is advisable to ask the right questions to define the functional scope of the interfaces between the ERP & and the MES, the mechanics of these interfaces, etc.

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  • Piroux

    The MES provided support to meet the different industrial standards as well as the customers’ requirements.

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  • How to choose your MES software?

    Not all MES software is the same and you’re worried about choosing the right one for you? This white paper provides you with all the information for choosing your MES software and all the questions to ask yourself so that it meets your expectations.

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  • Valuation of an MES project

    This white paper provides information on how to justify an MES project. The identification of the improvements brought by the implementation of a new production tool control system (MES project) is an essential process in the construction of the project file and it is not the easiest to approach.

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  • Oxxo Evolution

    By digitizing documentation and work instructions, Oxxo Evolution has eliminated many non-value added tasks.

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  • Texelis

    Performance monitoring through dematerialization of production operations & communication with CNs.

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