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  • How to choose your MES software company

    You have decided to improve your industrial performance by using MES software. You have to choose the provider. But how can you be sure you’re not making a mistake? How can you be sure to select the right software company? View the infographic to discover the main qualities of a good MES software company

  • Ceramaret: OEE to improve productivity

    Aquiweb MES software implemented in 8 weeks on 8 machines to measure the OEE. Share Ceramaret’s experience through the testimony of Mehmed Cormehic, Lean Manufacturing Engineer.

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  • Saint-Mamet: OEE and fruit in all its forms

    Even in the midst of a lockdown, Saint-Mamet continued its digitization process and implemented Aquiweb MES software in 2 months. A look back at the project with the testimony of Samuel Genest, Industrial Manager.

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  • Ferco: MES in partnership with SAP

    In this webinar, Laurent Imm, Purchasing and Logistics Director, Nathalie Wagner, SAP Project Manager and Stéphane Pitch, Presses / Foundry / Tooling & BEO Manager share their experience with the implementation of Aquiweb MES software in connection with SAP.

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  • Domis: from a Lean Factory to a Factory 4.0

    Read the testimony of Mr. Olivier Maho, Industrial Manager of Domis (a subsidiary of the SOMFY group) during this webinar organized by Digital League in partnership with Mont-Blanc Industries and discover how Domis installed Aquiweb MES software in its workshop as part of its “Smart Factory” project.

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  • Choose your MES software, the 5 important steps

    In order to gain in productivity and attractiveness, digitizing your factory or workshop is an essential step and the first step towards the factory of the future. But how to get started? What is the procedure to follow? What are the key steps? This webinar offers you a pragmatic approach to move forward with your MES project.

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  • 100% connected scheduling

    Scheduling is a key element of production optimization. To maximize the productivity of your workshop, it is essential that resources are optimally utilized and that all production operations are synchronized. Connecting your scheduling tool to the production equipment lets you use production data without error or effort and thus guarantee a reliable and real time schedule.

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  • How to access workshop data

    What points do your car and your workshop have in common? None, do you think? However, it is just as difficult to manage your workshop without the right data as it is to drive your car without visibility and without relevant information on its condition. This webinar will give you all the keys to good driving, to access the workshop data without pitfalls.

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  • Financing your MES project; the available grants

    Digitizing your workshop represents an investment but above all a quick and easily measurable ROI. This webinar, co-hosted with the BPI, provides an overview of the support measures put in place by the BPI to assist manufacturers in their digitalization projects.

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  • Reconciling telecommuting and MES is possible

    Digitizing your workshop in a period of lockdown and reconciling telework and production: it’s complicated, if not impossible, you might say! This webinar will prove the contrary and will highlight the relevance of digitalization in times of crisis, through the testimony of those who work at Domis.

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  • How to gain 5 OEE points?

    Digitization brings to light all the information coming from the shop floor for human exploitation. For this reason, the OEE is one of the keys to gaining productivity and improving it is a first step towards performance improvements. If you want to bring the OEE culture to your workshops, this webinar is for you.

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  • MES software, what are the benefits for SMEs?

    Contrary to popular belief, digitizing your workshop with MES software is not an impossible mission for SMEs. In this webinar, discover the 5 good reasons to start a digitalization process and the obstacles to overcome.

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