Temps de lecture 2 mn

Continuously optimize working conditions and working time ensuring the organization , cleanliness and safety of a work plan.

5S method

AquiWEB, support 5S

Japanese 5S method is used in the continuous improvement process of the tasks performed in a company. It aims to build a functional work environment and organized. It is part of the best core practices that must master the industrial enterprises.

The result is measured as much in productivity that staff satisfaction in view of the efforts they have made ??to improve working conditions .

  • Less handling
  • More Health and Safety
  • Less research
  • Less travel
  • More satisfaction

The AquiWEB software

As part of its production tracking feature , AquiWEB dematerialises monitoring support 5S actions..

AquiWEB with the manager :

  • Defines the planning actions
  • Checks monitor actions in real time
  • Uses the software as audit support

The operator has his workplace:

  • Schedule 5S activities
  • The maintenance schedule
  • On the action tracking checklist carrier

Most of AquiWEB :

  • Monitoring of production monitoring to integrated 5S activities
  • Information Sharing workplace
  • Digitisation of said support 5S
  • Easy to use

Schedule 5S activities