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Our Trial offer and our Aquitime Premium box are packaged offers of the Aquiweb production monitoring module. Simple all-inclusive offers to get your MES project up and running. You can then, if you wish, add other modules to implement your project “step by step” for a complete and customized MES solution.

Solution Trial Offer

500€ / month

An offer to test the solution in an operational environment on equipment in your workshop.


  • An industrial touch terminal
  • One automatic data acquisition system for 1 item of equipment


  • Production monitoring, OEE
  • Data collection
  • Performance analysis


  • Setup and configuration
  • Training and assistance

Aquitime PremiumBox Solution


A packaged offer of production monitoring – monitoring of downtime, quantities, indicators (OEE) for 8 items of equipment.


  • Eight touchscreen terminals
  • An automatic data acquisition system for 8 items of equipment
  • A central PC



  • Study and performance of the parameterization
  • Configuration
  • Implementation assistance
  • Tests in your workshop
  • Interface with your CAPM and ERP

Complete and modular MES solution

Customized offer

Production monitoring, quality management, maintenance management, traceability, energy performance monitoring, planning and documentation

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The advantages of our solutions


Real-time knowledge of your production

  • automatic and simple collection of machine times and quantities
  • real-time analysis of indicators (performance, quality, OEE)
  • an alert in case of slippage


A considerable time saving

  • data exchange between production and CAPM / ERP
  • no re-keying of information
  • the indicators are calculated automatically and are available immediately


Collect, display, analyze and organize your performance

  • the software becomes the support for your Lean Manufacturing approach

Continuous improvement processes

to improve industrial performance

The components of our Aquitime Premium Box offer at €18,900 for 8 items of equipment**

Equipment list

  • A central PC
  • A data acquisition system (for 8 items of equipment) connecting your equipment to the central PC by Ethernet. You will be responsible for connecting it to a PLC output of each machine or to a dry contact, providing all-or-nothing TOPCYCLE information
  • Eight 10.1″* Wi-Fi touchscreen terminals

9 Aquitime user licenses and 8 equipment licenses allowing access to the following functions:

  • Data acquisition from equipment, manual data entry
  • Status time tracking according to AFNOR NF E 60-182 standard (customizable)
  • Monitoring of rate / quantities / rejects
  • Synthesis and graphic analysis
  • Distribution by categories, Pareto
  • List & graph on the evolution of stops
  • Analysis of the successive states of each equipment
  • OEE, GEE analysis, by item of equipment, for the workshop
  • Indicators of the AFNOR NF E 60-182 standard
  • WEB dashboard: plant, line, equipment
  • Monitoring of POs or references
  • Exchanges with the CAPM / ERP (PO or references, and indicators by PO or references)

Services (excluding travel expenses):

  • Configuring the PC and installing the Aquitime software
  • Study and implementation of your configuration
  • Assistance for hardware and network implementation
  • Tests in your workshop

*: replacement of 10.1” touch terminal by another professional or industrial terminal possible
**: cost of an additional item of equipment €1350 (license + hardware + service), beyond 12 a server license is necessary

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