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“MES for all”, Astrée Software offers two solutions adapted to all industrial companies , whatever their size, whatever the maturity of their MES project.

MES SaaS solution for production monitoring, without commitment

astn'go MES SaaS

Simple MES SaaS solution for production monitoring, to support continuous improvement.

The solution includes hardware (IIoT for data collection) and software hosted on cloud for configuration, control and operation.

1 – I subscribe online
2 – I set up
3 – I connect the equipment
4 – I use
5 – I gain performance

Complete, modular and customisable MES solution

Production monitoring
Quality control – SPC
Display of documentation
Schedule management
Maintenance management
Management of operating procedures
Traceability and genealogy
Flow and stocks
Energy performance

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The advantages of our solutions


Real-time knowledge of your production

  • automatic and simple collection of machine times and quantities
  • real-time analysis of indicators (performance, quality, OEE)
  • an alert in case of slippage


A considerable time saving

  • data exchange between production and CAPM / ERP
  • no re-keying of information
  • the indicators are calculated automatically and are available immediately


Collect, display, analyze and organize your performance

  • the software becomes the support for your Lean Manufacturing approach

Continuous improvement processes

to improve industrial performance

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Astrée’s support in your project

Passionate about digital transformation, Astrée Software earns the respect of industrialists in France and abroad every day, thanks to its Aquiweb MES software.

To guarantee your rapid return on investment, we are committed to the success of your project and to its rapid completion using agile methods.