Astrée supports you in your projects

To guarantee your quick return on investment, we are committed to the success of your project and to its completion within 3 months.

Listen. Advise. Support

A team of experts at your side

With more than 15 years of experience in the management of fixed-price MES projects, our teams are committed to the success of your project.

“Our commitment is to make your project a success”

Our goal is to provide a software solution including:


The expected services

by integrating them into the implementation process throughout the project


A cost that is defined

in advance, by a controlled commitment of our teams


High-quality code

secured by unit tests


A scalable solution

because today’s needs are not tomorrow’s needs.


An agreed deadline

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We made the choice
of agile methods

Agile methods and their virtues

All Astrée Software teams have been using agile methods (XP and SCRUM) since 2009 for all developments.

These methods imply 5 essential values to respect.

It is imperative that all these values are respected for the success of the project.



within the team but also with the customer



always force yourself to think SIMPLE



propose intermediate versions to the customer



the customer gives feedback on intermediate deliveries



Everyone must listen to each other

Agility: an iterative approach

With an attitude of respect, each of the players has a responsibility in the project

Astrée Software Team

Respect Astrée Software’s development practices

Commit to the achievements of the next iteration

Warn the customer of potential slippage

Accept change

Customer Team

Provide user scenarios at the beginning of each iteration

Provide acceptance tests

Accept the software at the end of each iteration

Give feedback as soon as possible on points that are not suitable

To support you in the long term

Maintenance and hotline

The maintenance contracts offered by Astrée Software guarantee the long-term optimal operation of your installation in a climate of trust, transparency and confidentiality.

Responsiveness. Efficiency. Stability.


Astrée Software obtained the Qualiopi certification in November 2021. It recognizes a true quality approach as a training professional.

Develop skills.

“Our experience is that our customers with a maintenance contract are making optimal use of their application.”