visual Management

Temps de lecture 1 mn

Format the information and context using visual tools to make clear the work and decision making.

AquiWEB designed for the Visual Management

The aim of the management is to define, with Video Tools, a working environment with the following qualities :

  • To be as close as possible to the operator
  • Facilitate reactivity and thus be an aid to decision making
  • To facilitate and simplify the definition of objectives

It allows develop team spirit by posting goals at the post, the day and the contribution of each.

The AquiWEB software

All functional modules of our software AquiWEB have a graphical interface designed according to the principles of ” Visual Management ” live each can be positioned against targets : green ” I’m good ” red ” I have a problem .”

AquiWEB natively integrates all the elements of the ” flash picture” :

  • Real-time Dashboard machine, workshop, … per post, per day, per week
  • Graphic Indicators allowing the operator to position themselves in relation to a goal
  • Log of the machine
  • Weekly actions management

Most of AquiWEB :

  • Simple operation
  • WEB dynamic dashboards
  • fully oriented design ” Visual Management “
  • Dematerialization of elements of the ” flash array “