Continuous amelioration

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The best techniques to improve performance..

OEE – SMED – 5S …

Continuous improvement is a structured approach that aims to improve , the staff , the quality of the product, customer satisfaction and overall business performance , ensuring the development and long- term success thereof.

Continuous improvementoffers set of methods and tools ( 5S, DMAIC, PDCA, 5S, Kaizen, A3, Ishikawa, VSM, TPM, Kanban, SMED, Poka Yoke … ) for continuously maintain progress by setting perpetual perspective of learning.

Our software offers AquiWEB is the real time support continuous improvement processes of production. It has dedicated functions best techniques used in industrial sites :

Most of AquiWEB :

  • Easy to use
  • Native integration of visual management
  • Paperless monitoring actions 5S
  • Automation SMED
  • AFNOR standard integrated and customizable
  • Self
  • self-maintenance