Energy performance monitoring,
Aquiénergie module

Aquiénergie offers all the features of energy performance software: real-time energy consumption monitoring, integration at all levels of production site control of the relationships between production data and energy consumption data.
The implementation of real-time energy consumption monitoring is based on algorithms and indicators patented by Astrée Software.

The features of the Aquiénergie module

To improve the overall and sustainable energy performance of your industrial site, the implementation of the Aquiénergie module allows you to collect data from the field in real time, to process them by producing new indicators and to alert you in case of energy consumption slippage. The module avoids the need to identify problems after the fact, for example by measuring energy consumption in real time.

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Energy data

  • Real-time consumption data acquisition (water, air, electricity, etc.) at the machine, island, zone, workshop, utility level
  • Storage of information in real time and after the fact
  • Processing and dissemination of information updated in real time, production of indicators (energy OEE, energy intensity, energy performance rate, etc.) for the energy performance diagnosis


Correlation with production data

  • The link between the quantities produced by the utilities and the quantities consumed by the industrial equipment
  • Alert in case of consumption slippage in relation to the process
  • Triggering and monitoring of preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring of consumption states based on Visual Management


Support for the
ISO 50001 approach

  • The ISO 50001 standard follows the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) methodology for continuous improvement of the energy management system (EMS).

The Aquiénergie module installed at CETIM

CETIM Saint-Étienne has chosen to install the Aquiénergie module on a CN station dedicated to the machining of mechanical parts. The objective is to measure the energy consumption over a long period of time and according to the machine’s status.

The advantages of the Aquiénergie module

sequence of operations

To refine the construction of energy consumption models by integrating the real functioning of production, both from the point of view of the technical functioning of equipment and operational practices (procedures for starting and stopping installations, adjustments, maintenance activities, etc.).


Integrate the “Energy Performance” dimension at the level of management in the field and management of operators, in particular by providing indicators that integrate this dimension.

aquienergie screens

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We offer “all-inclusive” packages to allow you to launch your MES project, but also various modules to develop it, step by step.

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Other Aquiweb features

To meet your needs as closely as possible and guarantee scalability, the MES software for the Industry of the Future is marketed by module.

module aquitime

Production monitoring,
Aquitime Module

Production monitoring is the support of continuous improvement approach.

module aquiqual

Quality control – SPC,
Aquiqual Module

Quality monitoring during the production with control range execution : auto control, SPC control, starting check list, …


Display of documentation
Aquidoc Module

Provide the last version of the documentation to avoid any problem linked to updating or poor transmission of informations between writers and readers.

Schedule management,
Aquiordo Module

Plan your production in a more accurate way, see its progress in real time, track quickly any drifts..

Maintenance management,
Aquimaint Module

Preventive and periodic equipment maintenance management (machines and/or tools).

module aquiguide

Management of operating procedures,
Aquiguide Module

Dedicated to operating modes execution, this module allows to guide the operator step by step, fault-preventing, traceability,… without sheet of paper.

Traceability and genealogy,
Aquitraça Module

Products identification, building of product genealogy (link between component and products), statement control (Poka-Yoke).

module aquistock

Flow and stocks,
Aquistock Module

Real time flow and inventory management from receipt to shipment, calculate the forecast requirements for raw materials and components.