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With our Aquiweb MES software, we help manufacturers to optimize their overall performance.

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Aquiweb MES software

Aquiweb is simple, standard and economical MES software for production monitoring (OEE) linked to your business management (ERP).

In real time, it collects data from the workshop, alerts, guides and optimizes production operations. It provides you with all the information you need to facilitate performance organization.

Designed for operators, it saves managers 2 hours a day.

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A team of experts supports you in your fixed price projects

We support you in all the steps from the study and the analysis of your requirements to the final acceptance so that your project is carried out in the shortest time. Whatever the size of your project, we provide the same level of service, only the duration of the steps is different.

  • 1.
    Taking into account your business needs
  • 2.
    Step-by-step software integration
  • 3.
    Training close to those in the field
  • 4.
    Customized support and maintenance

To each his own MES software

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Logiciel MES

Astrée Software

Innovate. Create. Evolve.


Passionate about digital transformation, Astrée Software earns the respect of industrialists in France and abroad every day, thanks to its Aquiweb MES software.

A French independent player in the industry of the future and designer of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software, Astrée Software stands out for its agility and its strong ability to innovate. It has always placed its founding values of innovation and simplicity at the heart of its development and customer relations.

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