26 May 2016

AquiWEB, SMED method support

The SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) or quick-change tooling is a proven industry methods. It is simple to implement and provides earnings of 30 to 70% on the necessary time for a tool change. It aims to reduce the size of batch or series and so to increase production flexibility.
Many applications in industry : mould change, change of conditionned pills on a pharmaceutical line, …

AquiWEB software

As part of its production monitoring functionnality, AquiWEB allows to measure automatically changing time the time change, that is to say, the time that elapses between the production of the last good part of a series and the first part good for the next series.

AquiWEB provides real-time indicators for operators and adjusters and allows management to monitor the progress of the process in the long term.


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Most of AquiWEB :

  • Automatic collection changeover times (transparent to the operator)
  • Used to move easily against a target
  • Applicable to all kinds of changes : tools , OF, reference, size , lot, …
  • Easy to use