Quality control– SPC,
Aquiqual module

Implement a quality monitoring process, ensure compliance with the customer’s requirements, control product specifications. This module allows you to monitor quality during the production process in real time by executing inspection procedures made up of criteria (dimensions, properties or attributes): self-inspections, SPC (Statistical Process Control) checks, start-up checklists, etc.

The SPC quality control module verifies the correct application of the operating procedures for the prevention of defects and their causes. The optimization of the quality rate places this tool at the heart of the continuous improvement process.

The features of the Aquiqual module

The implementation approach is simple and fast: definition of procedures, configuration of frequency.
Then, the operator is guided and the manager is alerted in case of non-conformity.
He/she then has all the information to perform analysis and check conformity during the manufacturing process. This module can be used either for statistical process control (SPC) or for simple self-checks.

See the advantages of the module


Inspection procedures

  • Criteria to check (a comprehensive library is available)
  • Link reference / PO / workstation / area
  • Frequency / triggering event of the inspection
  • Sample size
  • Conditions of execution
  • Management of criteria criticality levels


Help with execution

  • Multi-procedure and multi-PO management
  • Call by visual signal on the workstation
  • Simple and intuitive input interface
  • Visual aid : graphic, document, video, map
  • Management of measuring instruments
  • Data acquisition with all types of instruments via USB, RS232, OPC UA, external files


SPC control cards

  • Control by control card
  • Indicator Table : Cp, Cpk, Cpm, etc.
  • Gauss curve


Management of non-conformity sheets

  • Fully configurable NCS
  • Manual request
  • Automatic triggering on event
  • NCS workflow management


SPC indicators, control cards
Management of non-conformity sheets
Execution control
Multi-criteria analysis

The advantages of the Aquiqual module


Simple self-checking


SPC control


Real-time quality management


Digitization of all elements


Dedicated operator interface


Interface dedicated to quality control

“Using Aquiweb software has allowed us to cut micro failures of equipment at the head of the line in half.”

The UPL-Arysta LifeScience group is the world leader in the formulation of crop protection products. Aquiweb is installed on 2 sites of the UPL-Arysta Lifescience group: Ougrée (Belgium) and Noguère (France).

Laurent BRAUNS
Production Manager
UPL-Arysta Lifescience

From self-checking to SPC

Towards zero defect quality

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Other Aquiweb features

To meet your needs as closely as possible and guarantee scalability, the MES software for the Industry of the Future is marketed by module.

module aquitime

Production monitoring,
Aquitime Module

Production monitoring is the support of continuous improvement approach.


Display of documentation
Aquidoc Module

Provide the last version of the documentation to avoid any problem linked to updating or poor transmission of informations between writers and readers.

Schedule management,
Aquiordo Module

Plan your production in a more accurate way, see its progress in real time, track quickly any drifts..

Maintenance management,
Aquimaint Module

Preventive and periodic equipment maintenance management (machines and/or tools).

module aquiguide

Management of operating procedures,
Aquiguide Module

Dedicated to operating modes execution, this module allows to guide the operator step by step, fault-preventing, traceability,… without sheet of paper.

Traceability and genealogy,
Aquitraça Module

Products identification, building of product genealogy (link between component and products), statement control (Poka-Yoke).

module aquistock

Flow and stocks,
Aquistock Module

Real time flow and inventory management from receipt to shipment, calculate the forecast requirements for raw materials and components.

Energy performance,
Aquienergy Module

Energy consumption real time controls, integration of the connection between production data and energy consumption data at all levels in production site control.