Assistance with operating procedures,
Aquiguide module

This module offers the functionalities of software for the creation of operating procedures as well as their execution: step by step guidance, error detection, traceability, etc., all without paper.

Formal implementation of operating procedures is very important, bearing in mind that many quality problems seem to be related to human errors (bad instructions, documentation error, training problem, etc.). These errors can be eliminated / limited by fine and stratified monitoring of the various stages of a process (production, assembly, maintenance, etc.).

Features of the Aquiguide module

The Aquiguide module provides all the necessary information to users to guide them through their work step by step. It ensures repeatability and process compliance at their workstation.

See the advantages of the module


Dynamic display of work instructions

  • Electronic and didactic guide to all work instructions
  • Step-by-step process
  • Direct link between the current step and the documentation page


Management of POs for manufacturing processes

  • In connection with the ERP
  • Option to monitor POs: progress, traceability, identification of discrepancies


Performance analysis

  • History of execution of operating procedures
  • Identification of repetitive operator errors requiring additional training


Link with the equipment

  • Control: printers (labels, reports), RFID
  • Acquisition from the production equipment: validation step, end of cycle process data


Traceability and error detection

  • Manual or automatic validation at each step of the process
  • Detailed monitoring with traceability at each step: time stamp, who, what
  • Batch entry with verification against the expected outcome

Different use cases

  • Assembly
  • Line start/station
  • Production changeover, SMED
  • Change of format
  • Maintenance operation (whether or not linked to the Aquimaint module)
  • Staff training

The advantages of the Aquiguide module

zero paper

Zero paper in the workshop


Easy to use for the operator and the manager


Full web software, easy to set up and maintain


Possible link with ERP (or other system)


Possible control and monitoring of industrial equipment


Support for continuous improvement processes

aquiguide screens

Oxxo Évolution Case Study

Dynamic display of work instructions on operator stations

“With the dematerialization of operation sheets, we have saved 400 reams of paper/year. “
” Saves 10 hours a day by automating recurring tasks that do not add value.”

Oxxo (Cevital group) is an industrial manufacturer of PVC window/door frames and closures. The company designs its ranges, assembles its window/door frames and closures, ships its orders and carries out its work. It offers its customers custom-made products on an industrial scale.

Alexandre HOUDIN
Production Methods Engineer

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Other Aquiweb features

To meet your needs as closely as possible and guarantee scalability, the MES software for the Industry of the Future is marketed by module.

module aquitime

Production monitoring,
Aquitime Module

Production monitoring is the support of continuous improvement approach.

module aquiqual

Quality control – SPC,
Aquiqual Module

Quality monitoring during the production with control range execution : auto control, SPC control, starting check list, …


Display of documentation
Aquidoc Module

Provide the last version of the documentation to avoid any problem linked to updating or poor transmission of informations between writers and readers.

Schedule management,
Aquiordo Module

Plan your production in a more accurate way, see its progress in real time, track quickly any drifts..

Maintenance management,
Aquimaint Module

Preventive and periodic equipment maintenance management (machines and/or tools).

Traceability and genealogy,
Aquitraça Module

Products identification, building of product genealogy (link between component and products), statement control (Poka-Yoke).

module aquistock

Flow and stocks,
Aquistock Module

Real time flow and inventory management from receipt to shipment, calculate the forecast requirements for raw materials and components.

Energy performance,
Aquienergy Module

Energy consumption real time controls, integration of the connection between production data and energy consumption data at all levels in production site control.