Oxxo Evolution

Oxxo Evolution (Cevital group) is an industrial manufacturer of PVC window/door frames and closures. The company designs its ranges, assembles its window/door frames and closures, ships its orders and carries out its work. It offers its customers custom-made products on an industrial scale.

Oxxo Evolution: No. 1 in new collective housing

Located in Cluny, the Oxxo Evolution production site employs about 200 people and has a production capacity of 950 frames/day. Oxxo Evolution has chosen Aquiweb MES software to monitor the production of its window and closure manufacturing lines.

With 3 specific assembly lines and numerous options, combinations and manual operations, Oxxo Evolution had to cope with a number of difficulties:

  •  Documentation difficult to update
  •  Unclear, missing or outdated technical information
  •  Quality issues
  •  Training difficulties
  •  Variable assembly time
  •  Scheduling complexity
  •  Paper consumption
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A project in two phases

Oxxo Evolution broke down its project into two phases, each of which had to meet specific objectives:

Phase 1
Dynamic display of work instructions

  • Familiarize/reassure operators with the screens
  • Improve working conditions
  • Increase quality
  • Provide information
  • Obtain training material
  • Reduce paper consumption

Phase 2
Production monitoring, for better industrial performance

  •  Monitoring of status times: production, stop, etc.
  •  Analysis of OEE, GEE
  •  Pareto of stops
  •  Visual management

A response in line with the need for industrial performance

Aquiweb MES software was able to provide an appropriate solution by providing:

  • Understandable and relevant information
  •  A reliable and fun medium
  •  Skills management

” With the dematerialization of operation sheets, we have saved 400 reams of paper/year. “
” Saves 10 hours a day by automating recurring tasks that do not add value.” 

Alexandre HOUDIN
Production Methods Engineer

Application map

The modules used by Oxxo Evolution:

Interface with the Diapason ERP software