The issues

The aeronautics industry alone comprises numerous sectors of activity: plastics, mechanics, electronics, …

  • Respect the requirement of the customer specifications (process repeatability)
  • Produce according to quality criteria
  • Livrer la production juste à temps

In this stated need, which may seem rather vertical, it is necessary to bring a transversal dimension to it. Production quality can only be achieved if the tool is available. The same applies to delivery times. Compliance with standards can be objectified only if procedures are clear and accessible. The assembly and the assembly of the finished product, induce procedures strictly respected.

In this dynamic industrial performance, the MES Aquiweb software is the right answer.



Guiding the operator : Help to execute assembly operation modes with interactive and mutimedia instructions.

Total traceability : Material, components, product genealogy, quality control, operator, process step, tools, identification/product labelling (Part Number).

Monitor production : Measure the OEE, the waste, the labor time  and the launch of production. Know WOs progress. Automatic data collect.

Manage quality :Guide the operator through quality control, generate  an alert if necessary, display SPC cards,  document non-conformity sheet.

Schedule and work organisation : have a reliable schedule considering in real time workshop data and ERP.

Guarantee the respect of customer/standard requirements : check that the operator has all the skills and authorizations  to work on the product /WO, make sure of the use of the latest version of instruction and document.

Monitor flow and stock in the workshop : pull list according to production needs (kitting), monitoring missing items, dynamic restocking alert, locate products in the workshop.

Communication in workshop : give site and/or workshop key informations in real time on a large display and on the station


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