To facilitate your production (delivery time, quality), Aquiweb MES software meets all the needs of companies, buyers and subcontractors in the aeronautical sector. Traceability, operator guidance, manufacturing schedule management and quality monitoring are the main issues in this industrial sector.

The issues

The aeronautics industry alone includes many sectors of activity: plastics, mechanics, electronics, etc.

  • Respect the requirements of the customer’s specifications (process repeatability)
  • Produce according to quality criteria
  • Deliver just-in-time production

In this stated need, which may seem quite vertical, a cross-functional dimension must be added. Production quality can only be achieved if the production facility is available. The same applies to delivery times. Compliance with the standards can only be objectively assessed if the procedures are clear and accessible. The assembly and fitting of the finished product require operating procedures that must be strictly complied with.

So in this process of industrial performance, Aquiweb MES software is the right answer.


Guide the operator

Assistance in the execution of operating procedures through interactive and multimedia instructions according to skills, prevent the operator from making errors (foolproofing device).

Total traceability

Material, components, product genealogy, quality control, operator, process step, tools, product identification/labeling (Part Number).

Monitor production

Measure OEE, rejects, operator time and start-up. Know the progress of the POs. Automatic data collection, etc.

Control quality

Guide the operator in his/her quality controls, alert him/her if necessary, display the SPC cards, document the NCS.

Planning and organization of work

Simply have a reliable schedule taking into account real-time data from the workshop and the ERP software, more finely divide an ERP operation and associate instructions with it.

Ensure compliance with customer requirements/standards 

FAI (First Article Inspection), ensure that the operator has the required skills and clearances to work on the product and/or the PO, ensure the use of the latest version of the instructions & documents, etc.

Monitor the flows & stock in the workshop 

List to be served according to production needs (kitting), monitoring of shortages, dynamic replenishment alerts, locating products in the workshop.

Communicating in the workshop 

Broadcast the key information of the site and/or your workshop in real time on a large screen and at the workstation

Choosing the right MES software.

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