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To improve the performance, traceability and quality of your production in real time, the Aquiweb MES software meets all the needs of food companies. Linked to your ERP, Aquiweb tracks all flows (material, labor, equipment) from acceptance to shipment.

Aquiweb MES software is particularly well suited to small and medium-sized businesses that produce and package in-line.

It allows production teams to control their manufacturing process while automating administrative tasks. It frees up the manager’s time so that he/she can focus on his/her job: thinking about action plans, leading his/her team, etc., to optimize production operations while ensuring overall traceability of batches, containers and packaging items.

The objective is to control materials, flows, equipment and labor in order to control expenses and production costs.

A real facilitator for industrial performance management, Astrée Software’s Aquiweb MES software easily collects field data to digitize SIO (Short Interval Organization) tables.

In a reliable, objective and real time way, Aquiweb provides the right information to the right person to enable efficient action on performance losses or a lack of control of the production process (material yield, quality defects, labor, equipment).

Testimonial from Saint-Mamet
The OEE and fruit in all its forms

The issues

  • Improve the performance of the lines: measure times, rejects, and stops to identify the causes of losses 
  • Guarantee compliance with standards, regulations and specifications
  • Facilitate overall traceability: MP, PSF, PF, packaging items
  • Improve competitiveness through real-time control
  • Guide the operator during format changes and line starts


Monitor production

Measure OEE, rejects, personnel, and starts. Know the progress of the POs. Simple and automatic data collection. Supervision of manufacturing, preparation and packaging.

Control quality

Guide the operator in his/her self-checks, weight controls, alert him/her in case of need, display the control cards. Dematerialize non-conformities. Display operating procedures. So many actions and so much support to ensure compliance with customer specifications.

Total traceability

Management of material flows from acceptance to shipment. Traceability, genealogy and history of batches, quality controls and operators. Management of the labeling of HUs (Handling Units) or TUs (Traceability Units).

Material flow management

Acceptance, incoming inspection, storage, supply, labeling, movement log.

Guide the operator

Assistance in the execution of operating procedures (start-up, format change), step-by-step process with documentation, error detection.


Alert when maintenance is required based on time of use or number of units produced, to reduce downtime.

Energy monitoring

Establish the consumption repository by equipment or by area, monitor, provide indicators (IPe), help you in view of ISO 50001.

Production statements 

Material yield by PO, product, line, day, week, month, quarter, etc. Stock and movements of stock.

Choosing the right MES software.

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