Our case studies allow you to discover how we have deployed Aquiweb in companies from different industries. Our know-how allows us to manage projects in less than 3 months. The return on investment is also very fast.

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Boncolac is a manufacturer of fine pastries and frozen delicatessen products for the food industry.
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Brasserie du Mont-Blanc

Savoyard brewery, the Brasserie Distillerie du Mont-Blanc produces specialty beers, abbey beers, etc., made with water from the Mont-Blanc glaciers.
Logiciel MES, suivi de production, textile industrie

Bricq SAS

Bricq SAS is ioneer in the production of heavy textiles destined for industrial use.
suivi de production, amélioration continue, logiciel MES

Cera Engineering

Cera Engineering designs and manufactures special machines.
Suivi de production, logiciel MES, agroalimentaire, pois


Cosucra produces natural ingredients from chicory and peas.
Suivi de production, MES sucre, agroalimentaire

Cristal Union (5 sites)

Cristal Union is a cooperative group producing sugar and alcohol.
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Europe Snacks

Europe Snacks develops and produces a wide range of traditional and homemade chips, extruded, fried and puffed snacks, popcorns, crackers and appetizer biscuits

Groupe Colin (2 sites)

Groupe Colin is known for providing a complete range of culinary solutions for leading restaurants, hotels and specialist retailers.

Jean Perrin

The artisanal cheese dairy Jean Perrin is a traditional manufacturer of AOC/AOP, Bleu Blanc Coeur and Bio, etc., cheeses. This company is located in Cléron in the Doubs department.

La Fromagerie Tessier

The company produces renowned cheese specialties made from cow's and goat's milk, such as Caprice des Dieux, Géramont, Galet de la Loire and Chavroux. It has two cheese technologies (traditional and ultra-filtration)
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Entreprise Louis Lemoine (Pierre Martinet)

Louis Lemoine (Pierre Martinet)

Louis Lemoine specializes in the production of salads and salted pastries. Its products are sold under the brand "Pierre Martinet".


Maïsadour is a French company specializing in the collection and marketing of agri-food products (cereals, agricultural supplies, animal feed, animal production, vegetable production).
Logiciel MES, Aquiweb, suivi de production, amélioration continue, agroalimentaire

Maison Delpeyrat (2 sites)

Maison Delpeyrat produces foie gras, smoked salmon, ham, etc.


Mecaroanne manufactures crushers, shredders for industry

MOM – Materne (3 sites in France and USA)

The MOM group produces Materne compotes and jams (without colorants or preservatives).

Segafredo Zanetti

Segafredo Zanetti is a roaster specialising in the preparation, roasting and sale of coffee beans, ground coffee and coffee capsules

Société fromagère de Rodez (Lactalis)

La société fromagère de Rodez is a registered trademark of industrial cheeses belonging to the Lactalis group.