26 May 2016

Monitoring OEE and improve productivity by MES

The productivity of a workshop production or packaging line is measured using standardized indicators. They can visualize synthetically all production data collected from the operators and / or directly into machines.

To meet the demand of the industrial division of the profession , indicators have been standardized by AFNOR in May 2002.
The standard NF E 60-182 specifies the definitions of state time and the elements necessary for the evaluation of the performance indicators of the means of production. These indicators enable reliable monitoring of means :

• Overall return
• Economic rate of return

The AquiWEB software

AquiWEB not only to collect data and calculate in real time the indicators but also by improving the support it provides for quality management , piloting workplace , management forecasts, the lean approach manufacturing, …


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Most of AquiWEB :

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • integrated AFNOR
  • dedicated board tables
  • Collecting machine data


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