The issues

  • Measure performance, scrap, stops to identify causes of loss
  • Provide reliable lead times based on real-time tracking of machines
  • Monitoring : real-time view of the workshop
  • Follow fabrication order
  • Track both automatic and manual stations



Collecting ground data : simple data acquisition technology for all manufacturers, models, generations.

Follow production : OEE measure, down times, waste, operators and molds. Fabrication order progress. Track times at assembly stations.

Planning : have a reliable planning that takes into account real-time data from the workshop and the ERP.

Manage quality : guide the operator in his self-checks, alert him if necessary. Respect the customer specifications.

Maintenance : alert when maintenance is required according to a time of use or a number of cycles, to reduce downtime, whether on machines or molds.

Energy monitoring : establish the consumption reference by means or zone, monitor, provide indicators , help you in ISO 50001.

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