Special feature of this project is the complete integration and real-time MES software in the company’s information system for a total paperless operations. ERP and planning system down the OFs, the operator launches its tasks (production or not), says his cartoons. The information is sent to the WMS to enable the “train” that collects cartons on positions of power make entries in physical inventory in the warehouse. The results of production (quantity, quality, time spent, time machine, hazards …) rebounded to ERP.

Wirquin has equipped its injection workshop and manual assembly workshops Aquiweb MES software to:

  • Analyze and record industrial performance to fuel productivity plans
  • Improving indicators TRS , TRG
  • Identify production issues ( waste , time change, nonconformities )
  • Improve gross margin



Régis ESNEAU, responsible methods and continuous improvement,

Elsa ALBERT, management control,

Raphaël MESSAGER, workshop mechanism responsible.

Aquiweb 3 words :

« Playful, ergonomic and intuitive »

« Easy , complete and intuitive »

« Simple, fun and intuitive »