Guinot-Mary Cohr

Guinot-Mary Cohr is a leading cosmetics company for beauty salons in France. At the Dammarie-les-Lys plant, Aquiweb has been integrated into the packaging workshop to digitise the production of over 1,100 finished product references.

Digitalize production at the leading manufacturer of top-of-the-range beauty products

Aquiweb dans l'atelier de conditionnement

Modular line management

With over 1,100 finished product references, the packaging workshop operates with modular lines. Aquiweb uses a sub-equipment system to treat the lines as a set of machines. This architecture enables operators to adapt quickly to any change of reference.

  • Management of WO
  • Performance analysis
  • Workshop supervision
  • Display of documentation
  • Quality management

Guinot-Mary Cohr set up Aquiweb to meet cosmetics standards and eliminate paper from the workshop, with the aim of :

  • Automatic data collection
  • Make quality control more realiable
  • Guarantee production traceability
  • Monitor production status in real time
  • Digitalize the workshop and non-value-added tasks


Read what employees at Guinot-Mary Cohr have to say. A look back at the deployment of Aquiweb MES software, as told by managers and operators.

« Thanks to Aquiweb, we have gone papaerless, while reducing our overheads by 25%. »


Production Manager

Mapping application

The features used by AB Packaging :

Interface with a specific ERP.