The issues

  • Reduce operator errors and facilitate their work
  • Monitor manufacturing progress
  • Produce at the best cost with the best delay
  • Track both automatic and manual stations
  • Collecting ground information for continuous improvement



Guiding the operator : help to execute the operating modes (product assembly), step by step process with documentary support (photo, PDF, video, …), contextual information easily accessible according to the competence level.

Manage quality : guide operator in his self-checks, facilitate defects declarations by taking pictures with tablets.

Follow production : follow the past times (operator and machine), know order fabrication progress, OEE measure. Automatic data collection (extrusion, flow, …).

Dynamic display : in the workshop (openings, frames, profiles, …), goal monitoring.

Collecting ground data : simple data acquisition technology for all manufacturers, models, generations, fixed or mobile touch tablet with very intuitive application for operators.

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