Industrial carpentry

Industrial joinery companies have issues that are specific to their sector of activity. Operator guidance, quality management and dynamic display are solutions provided by Aquiweb MES software.

The issues

  • Reduce operator errors and facilitate their work
  • Monitor the progress of production and work in progress
  • Produce at the best cost with the best lead time without compromising quality
  • Track both automatic and manual items
  • Collect information from the field to carry out a continuous improvement process


Guide the operator

Assistance in the execution of operating procedures (product assembly), step-by-step process with documentary support (photo, PDF, video, etc.), contextual information easily accessible according to skill level.

Manage quality

To guide the operator in his/her self-checks, to facilitate declarations of defects by taking photos with a tablet.

Monitor production

Monitor time spent (operation and machine), know the progress of POs, monitor work in progress, measure the OEE. Automatic collection of machine data (extrusion, flow, etc.).

Dynamic display

In the workshop (opening panels, frames, structural components, etc.), position yourself in relation to the objectives.

Collect field data 

Simple machine data acquisition technology for all equipment, whatever the manufacturer, model or generation, fixed or mobile touch pad with a very intuitive application for operators.

Choosing the right MES software.

MES software designer, we offer you a step-by-step guide to move forward serenely in setting up your MES software implementation project.

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