Bar turning and mechanical subcontracting

The mechanical sector has specific problems in terms of production monitoring. How to improve the performance of your production in real time? Manage schedules or monitor quality ? Aquiweb MES software meets all the needs of industrial subcontracting companies.

The issues

  • Provide reliable lead times based on real time machine monitoring
  • Supervise: objective and real time vision of the workshop
  • Monitor the progress of manufacturing (PO)
  • Measure performance, rejects, and downtime to identify causes of loss
  • Achieve the required throughput
  • Respond to a customer complaint, understand the origin


Collect field data

Simple machine data acquisition technology for all means of production, regardless of the manufacturer, model or generation.

Monitor production

Measure OEE, track downtime, rejects, personnel and tools. Know the progress of POs, orders, etc.

Real time planning

Simply have a reliable schedule that takes into account real-time data from the workshop and ERP software.

Manage quality

Guide the operator in his/her self-checks, alert him/her in case of need, display the SPC and NCS cards. Respect the customer’s specifications.


Alert when maintenance is required based on a time of use or a number of cycles, to reduce downtime.

Energy monitoring

Establish the consumption repository by equipment or by area, monitor, provide indicators (IPe), help you in view of ISO 50001.

Choosing the right MES software.

MES software designer, we offer you a step-by-step guide to move forward serenely in setting up your MES software implementation project.

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