St Mamet

A historic brand in the French food industry, Saint Mamet was born in 1953 from the passion of a handful of arboriculturists. Saint Mamet produces fruit in all its forms: chunky fruit salads, chunky fruit, fruit cups, compotes… and is now the leading manufacturer of canned fruit in France.

St Mamet

Saint Mamet: France’s leading canned fruit manufacturer

As part of its “fruit 2.0” project, Saint Mamet has implemented MES Aquiweb software to:

  • Simplify performance monitoring
  • Understanding and reduce the causes of non-TRS
  • Reduce changeover times (SMED)
  • Digitalizing AIC and visual management

Benefits for managers and operators alike

Advantages for managers

  • Tracking the OEE on lines in real time
  • Distribution of the schedule at the foot of the line
  • Reduce changeover times (SMED)
  • Save time on performance management
  • Information displayed on a large screen

Advantages for operators

  • Launching and monitoring OFs
  • Automatic retrieval of OFs from scheduling
  • Line performance monitoring – OEE in real time
  • Qualification of line end stops
  • Real-time visual management (nominal and budget targets)

« Aquiweb has enabled us to systematically identify the causes of non-performance using a simple, user-friendly solution.

The monitoring of performance gaps has increased by 40%. »

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Industrialisation and continuous improvement

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Feature used by St Mamet:

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