Delpharm (2 sites)

Delpharm manufactures a wide range of pharmaceutical products: originals, generics, OTC, biotech, veterinary products, food supplements and medical devices. With its 12 production sites in Europe, Delpharm produces nearly 600 million boxes a year. It is one of Europe’s top 5 pharmaceutical companies.


Delpharm among the leaders in pharmaceutical subcontracting

The site specialises in the production of tablets (coated, uncoated and effervescent) and sachets, with over 480 product references.

By implementing the Aquiweb MES software, the challenge was to eliminate paper data and the associated administrative work. The project objectives were as follows:

  • Monitor the OEE in real time on the manufacturing and packaging workshops
  • Track labour and machine hours (HMP/HMA) in real time and send them to SAP
  • To have an ‘intelligent’ Pareto of the causes of loss per line and per piece of equipment
  • To be able to easily analyse yields (direct and indirect labour hours, range monitoring)
  • Accurate real-time monitoring and analysis of material losses

The real benefits of MES at Delpharm

Advantages for managers

  • Analysis of compliance with range times
  • Monthly adjustment of planning ranges based on performance
  • Monitoring of operator, machine and OF times
  • Real-time OEE measurement for manufacturing and packaging workshops
  • Real-time monitoring of product batches and analysis of material losses
  • Pareto display of causes of loss by line and equipment
  • Precise breakdown of TRS/waterfall
  • Setting up a weekly performance meeting with reliable data
  • Improvement and ownership of action plans by field teams

Advantages for operators

  • Understading TRS
  • Real-time detection of under-cadence phases by operators
  • OF declaration and batch display with the PMX/SAP ERP interface
  • Manual station on central weighing systems
  • Real-time visualisation of workshop performance
  • Easy-to-use tool thanks to a simple, intuitive interface

« Aquiweb’s intuitive, straightforward interface has made it easy for operators to get to grips with the software. »

Stéphane TOST
Director of Operational Excellence

Mapping application

Feature used by Delpharm :

Interface with SAP ERP server