Pierre Fabre (6 sites)

Founded in the early 60s by Mr Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist, Pierre Fabre Laboratories have been developing for over 50 years around three complementary activities: medicine, health and dermo-cosmetics. Thanks to its network of subsidiaries in 44 countries, including the main emerging markets, and distribution agreements in more than 130 countries.

Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre: an international player in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sector

Pierre Fabre generates almost 60% of its sales on foreign markets. The group generated sales of €2.3 billion in 2018. The company employs some 3,500 people outside France, a figure that increased by 50% between 2003 and 2013.

After a one-month trial on 2 test lines, Pierre Fabre Laboratories deployed the MES software Aquiweb on 7 sites. Right from the start of the project, the multi-site dimension was taken into account. Aquiweb was implemented in 3 phases:

  • Aquiweb core model taking into account all the specific features of the sites to be equipped
  • Validation of the core model on two pilot lines
  • Deployment on all sites to be equipped

This approach has enabled us to respond as quickly as possible to the challenges facing Pierre Fabre laboratories:

  • Standardise and consolidate site performance monitoring
  • Monitor production activities more accurately and enable operators to concentrate on higher added-value tasks.
  • Improve productivity through a better understanding of the quantities produced, the times and causes of machine stoppages, the times and causes of non-performance, etc.
  • Monitor labour times
  • Digitalizing AIC and visual management
  • Control format changeover times

Aquiweb for managers and operators

Advantages for managers

  • Uniform, simplified multisite performance monitoring via a single application
  • Performance monitoring on smartphone
  • Operator time tracking (MOD & MOI)
  • Real-time OEE monitoring for packaging and filling plants
  • Transfer to SAP: make production results more reliable
  • Tracking of RPOs (progress, performance, difference between time allocated/time spent)
  • Time saved on performance management
  • Information displayed on a large screen

Advantages for operators

  • Launching and monitoring RPOs
  • Automatic recovery of RPOs from SAP
  • Entry of finished product scrap
  • Line performance monitoring – OEE in real time
  • Help in qualifying line stoppages (equipment that has stopped the line)
  • Automated data entry (no more sheets at the workstation)
  • Real-time visual management

« Aquiweb has enabled the Pierre Fabre Laboratory to have identical and generalised monitoring of the TRS on all its production sites.

With the ‘core model’ approach tested on 2 pilot sites, we were able to roll out the solution to our sites in just a few weeks. »

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