Our case studies allow you to discover how we have deployed Aquiweb in companies from different industries. Our know-how allows us to manage projects in less than 3 months. The return on investment is also very fast.

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Food & Beverage
Bar turning and mechanical subcontracting
Medical device
Automotive equipment manufacturer
Machine manufacturer
Industrial carpentry
Pharma-cosmetics and chemistry
Plastics processing
Other sectors
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Adhex Technologies

Adhex Technologies offers adhesive solutions for the automotive, industrial and healthcare sectors. Its specialty is coating: the meticulous process of applying a few microns of glue evenly to a substrate.
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As an automotive supplier, Aptiv specializes in the manufacture of interconnect systems and is uniquely positioned with extensive capabilities in software development, automotive quality industrialization and systems integration.
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Black Star

Black Star specialises in tyre retreading
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Bricq SAS

Bricq SAS is ioneer in the production of heavy textiles destined for industrial use.


Caillau has unique know-how in the design and manufacture of high-tech clamps and connections. It provides services to the automotive industry, as well as to the aeronautical fastening market.
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Cera Engineering

Cera Engineering designs and manufactures special machines.


Crouzet produces high performance electromechanical and electronic components for specific uses: aeronautics, transport, energy, buildings, etc.
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Dura Automotive

Dura Automotive Systems manufactures gearbox control system components for the automotive industry at its site in La Talaudière (42).


Linamar is a Canadian company specialized in the machining of automotive equipment.
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Lisi Automotive (2 sites – France and Czech Republic)

Lisi Automotive designs and manufactures fast assembly solutions and safety components for the automotive and industrial vehicle industry.
Entreprise Louis Lemoine (Pierre Martinet)

Louis Lemoine (Pierre Martinet)

Louis Lemoine specializes in the production of salads and salted pastries. Its products are sold under the brand "Pierre Martinet".
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Luxor Lighting

Luxor Lighting is a major player in the automotive lighting market. The company specializes in the design, development and industrialization of exterior and interior lighting systems for car manufacturers

Manoir Industries

The Manoir Industries group specializes in metal processing. The company operates devices in the construction of metal parts for various markets (petrochemical, nuclear, energy, etc.)


MCR (Mixt Composites Recyclables) is a manufacturer of thermoset composites. The group provides custom-made composite materials (resins, glass fibers and various fillers).


Mecaroanne manufactures crushers, shredders for industry
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Mora (3 sites in Europe)

Mora manufactures plastic parts by injection for various sectors such as medical, cosmetics, electronics, etc.


The Piroux Group carries out all mechanical welding work. The company acquired the Aquiweb MES software as part of its digitalization project.
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Plast Moulding

Specialized in the manufacture of plastic parts, Plast Moulding uses the Aquiweb MES software in a continuous improvement approach and puts the operator back at the heart of the process.
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precialp equipement auto


Precialp is a French company specialized in automotive equipment (cutting, grinding, honing).