Founded in 1919, the company has developed unique expertise in the design and manufacture of high-tech clamps and connections. By providing its customers with the best of its technical and industrial experience, Caillau has become a major player in the automotive industry, as well as in the aeronautical fastening market. The company is the perfect synthesis of its world-renowned historical strengths and its successful innovations.

Caillau, competitiveness through innovation

With an R&D budget in excess of 10% of sales each year, Caillau is constantly innovating by creating new products, processes and technologies. The project and pre-project teams are committed to improving their processes. These specific resources enable us to create more efficient and modern solutions to meet our customers needs.

In order to optimise tool changes and improve the efficiency and quality control of its products, Caillau develops its own prototype and series stamping tools in their entirety. By adopting a truly innovative approach, the company is able to offer the best technical and economic solutions.

Choosing MES Aquiweb Software

At the beginning of 2016, the company was looking for MES software in order to begin its digital transformation towards a 4.0 factory. Caillau decided to opt for our Aquiweb software for its following functionalities:

  • Machine performance monitoring with more reliable data in terms of time and occurence
  • Real-time monitoring of machine production
  • Digitalization of information (process logs/quality control)
  • Integrating machine and quantity times into the ERP system


Caillau was present at Astrée MES day 2022. Its Method & Industrialisation project manager, Benjamin Marty, took the opportunity to share his experience of implementing Aquiweb MES Software.

« Aquiweb was chosen for its simplicity, user-friendliness and attractive graphics. The operators quickly got to grips with the software. »

Benjamin MARTY
Methods & Industrialisation Project Manager

Mapping application

The features used by Caillau:

Interface with a specific ERP.