Smartphone application, for real-time monitoring of off-site production

Through the application downloadable via App Store or Google Play, you can monitor your production directly from your smartphone in real time. No matter where you are, you can access the information you need, thanks to the data collected in real time by Aquiweb as close as possible to the equipment and the working environment.

Aquiweb-App is a complementary application to Aquiweb installed in your workshop.

Be alerted. Analyze. Respond.

The advantages of the solution

Having production data on your smartphone will take away your worries, because even when you’re away from the plant you’ll keep an eye on what’s going on.

Real-time view of production:
status of work in progress, commitments,

Real time notification in case of slippage

Improved performance
through real-time decision making
and improved responsiveness

Availability of information in real time
and without travel

Be reassured on the progress
of a sensitive production

Analyze data

Aquiweb-App, gives you an instantaneous view of the states and indicators of the following entities:

  • Workshops or equipment structures
  • Equipment and workstations
  • POs
  • Operators

Each user can define his/her favorite equipment. He/she can choose the indicators that are relevant:
highlighted and additional indicators. The information is accessed through dashboards dedicated to the entities and customized by the user. So he/she can navigate from one entity to another and zoom in on an entity to
obtain more details.
On each entity’s details, he/she has all the real time alerts issued by Aquiweb at the operator’s

Respond to uncertainties

For better responsiveness, the user can even send messages directly to a workstation on the shop floor. At the foot of the machine, the operator can follow the instructions.

Be alerted.

Even if your application is not running, a push notification system alerts you on your smartphone in case
of slippage. For example, if a piece of equipment is stopped for more than x minutes, if the OEE or the quality rate is below a threshold, if the quantity to be produced is exceeded, etc.

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