A customizable web portal to access and share workshop data

The user can configure his/her own home portal with key indicators
and actions to be processed. He/she has multi-criteria analysis axes: equipment, batches, tools, personnel, PO, area, time, reference.

Aquiweb-Plantdata is a complementary application to Aquiweb installed in the workshop.

Access. Present. Share.

The advantages of the solution

In real time, the user has a digital flash board, giving him/her the status of the workshop and the plant. A clear and immediate personal vision allows him/her to make the right analysis and decisions.

With this fully customizable web portal, we have taken a step towards data mining. All the data collected and processed by the Aquiweb MES software is available: production, quality, maintenance, stock, traceability, energy, planning, etc.
So, with Aquiweb-Plantdata, you save at least the 2 hours per day that you used to spend each morning consolidating field data. 2 hours that you now use for their analysis and especially to build and follow corrective action plans.
Its operation does not require special computer skills: the user is guided by an assistant.

Discover Aquiweb-Plantdata

aquiweb plantdata

Present the data

Create your own dashboards

Aquiweb-Plantdata allows each user to build their own web dashboards to analyze Aquiweb data. These dashboards are built by using widgets available in a large library. Simple widgets displaying the value of an indicator or its evolution, graphs, as well as intelligent widgets determining the TOP or the FLOP or the status of the workshop. The goal is to master the performance of your workshop at a glance!

Access the Aquiweb analysis screens

The Aquiweb analysis screens are directly accessible in Plantdata, no need to use 2 applications.

Use intelligent multi-axis analysis views

Aquiweb-Plantdata offers intelligent views that allow you to analyze an indicator along different axes.


Managers can build their own tables and share them with other users. Aquiweb-Plantdata also allows you to distribute real-time and personalized information on the shop floor via large screens for simple and effective digitalized visual management.
This sharing can be done by creating presentations (sequence of dashboards, views and Aquiweb analysis screens). These presentations will be broadcast automatically on large screens installed in the workshop or manually to present your SIO meetings.

aquiweb plantdata

Access the workshop data collected by Aquiweb

Aquiweb provides Plantdata with the data it collects on the shop floor from operators and equipment:

  • Access to all its indicators (including specific indicators)
  • Access to its analysis screens

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