Performance management on 2 automated packaging units

Galien LPS installs the software on its Sens and Nevers sites in order to follow its packaging lines for medicines with a rate of 10,000 box per hour.
Each line is equipped with 5 to 6 machines: thermoformer, cartoner, checkweigher, shrinkwrapper, packer…

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An important element of this project was the choice of the reference machine for the collection of line information.
On its 2 sites, Galien LPS has equipped 8 packaging lines with the MES Aquiweb software in order to:

  • Automatically upload the OEE of the group by exporting data
  • Support the SMED approach and in particular the “changeover” (change of series)
  • Monitor team performance
  • Measure the evolution of performance following the implementation of action plans
  • Following production activities
  • Improve productivity by analysis of produced quantities (good and scrap), times and causes of equipment stoppages
  • Improve responsiveness to hazards
  • Improve exchanges between the different actors
  • Provide data to users with real-time, reliable, directly capturing on lines


For operators:

  • Declaration start and end of task: production (fabrication order), non-production (indirect tasks)
  • Qualification of machine stops (injection molding machine)
  • Access to the history of their working day
  • Real-time dashboard for their workstation or machine with visual alerts

Galien 2 300


For managers :

  • Real time workshops supervision
  • Automatic machine time tracking (OEE)
  • Tracking of people’s time, analysis of performance at the reference
  • Management of the SMED on change of series
  • Follow-up of non-qualities / non-conformity
  • Traceability: reference, people, position, non-compliance
  • Have a computerized return of all stopping times
  • Follow-up of causes of arrest to define action plans

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Solutions by Astree Software

Technical architecture:

  • 2 sites
  • 8 lines
  • 3 large screens to liven up the performance

Galien 4 300


Functional architecture:

The MES Aquiweb software transmits information from SAP on the lines, collects real-time data and returns the fabrication order results to SAP.


temoignage galien

Methods Technician
“Aquiweb is ergonomic and intuitive for operators. The reliability of the information we extract is excellent.”

Production Manager
“Aquiweb allows me to track production no matter where I am.”