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  • IoT & MES to make shop floor data operational

    Learn in this webinar about the potential that MES and the IIoT have to control processes, ensure visibility and traceability, and generate real information to control manufacturing.

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  • ERP/MES: competing or complementary?

    The boundaries between ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are sometimes difficult to define. Discover in this webinar the partnership between ERP and MES and the role of each in the IT landscape.

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  • Achieving operational excellence without paper

    Discover the benefits of MES software function by function to move towards a paperless factory.

  • Digitizing production operations – how to go about it

    4 episodes to explore the essential phases for the success of a shop floor digitalization project.

  • Microplast: Increase from 60% to 80% of OEE in a plastic injection workshop with MES software

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  • Delpeyrat: MES deployed on 3 agri-food sites in less than 7 months

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  • The importance of operator ergonomics in a digitalization project

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  • ERP and MES complementarity

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  • IoT & MES to make shop floor data operational

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  • MES and CMMS at the heart of the digital transformation of small and medium-sized industrial companies

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  • Digital signage, an ally for your continuous improvement process

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  • ERP & MES: fluid and efficient data sharing

    Partners and complementary, ERP and MES are at the center of a permanent exchange of information: production data exchanges but not only that. So it is advisable to ask the right questions to define the functional scope of the interfaces between the ERP & and the MES, the mechanics of these interfaces, etc.

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