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  • Aéroprotec

    With one click, operators have all the information they need for production.

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  • Reconciling telecommuting and MES is possible

    Digitizing your workshop in a period of lockdown and reconciling telework and production: it’s complicated, if not impossible, you might say! This webinar will prove the contrary and will highlight the relevance of digitalization in times of crisis, through the testimony of those who work at Domis.

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  • Wirquin

    Complete and real time integration of the MES in the information system for a total dematerialization of operations.

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  • How to gain 5 OEE points?

    Digitization brings to light all the information coming from the shop floor for human exploitation. For this reason, the OEE is one of the keys to gaining productivity and improving it is a first step towards performance improvements. If you want to bring the OEE culture to your workshops, this webinar is for you.

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  • CGR Bedeville

    An instantaneous view of the workshop performance on a large screen and the implementation of key indicators for a permanent improvement.

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  • MES software, what are the benefits for SMEs?

    Contrary to popular belief, digitizing your workshop with MES software is not an impossible mission for SMEs. In this webinar, discover the 5 good reasons to start a digitalization process and the obstacles to overcome.

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  • Plumettaz

    The MES software provides reliable decision support to implement corrective actions and continuous improvement.

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  • IoT & MES to make shop floor data operational

    Learn in this webinar about the potential that MES and the IIoT have to control processes, ensure visibility and traceability, and generate real information to control manufacturing.

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  • Plast Moulding

    By being part of a continuous process improvement approach, MES has enabled an improvement in competitiveness.

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  • Achieving operational excellence without paper

    Discover the benefits of MES software function by function to move towards a paperless factory.

  • Mont Blanc Productions

    Achieving excellence and uniting its teams around a lean project and MES: the successful bet of Mont Blanc Productions.

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  • Digitizing production operations – how to go about it

    4 episodes to explore the essential phases for the success of a shop floor digitalization project.

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