The Lyra-ETK Group is a manufacturer of dental implant systems. It produces dental implants, prosthetic components and surgical instruments.

An expert in dental implantology, ETK offers a 100% French manufacturing guarantee, since the company has its own production facilities in France.

Between digital solutions and implantology

A pioneer in the dental field, ETK was founded in 2013 to become a true pioneer in digital dentistry. A key player in implantology, the group offers a modern, global vision of care for the development of dental practices. Involved for over 10 years in research and development for the digitalization of care, Lyra-ETK brings together two trades: implantology and digital solutions to offer new, optimized care protocols for patients.

Choosing Aquiweb MES Software

In 2020, the group specializing in dental implant systems chose to integrate Aquiweb into its workshop. After a failed experiment in 2017, ETK has decided to put its trust in our MES software for their workshop digitalization project.


ETK was present at Astrée MES day 2022. The company’s Technical Director, Cédric Lancieux, took the opportunity to share his experience of implementing Aquiweb MES software.

« When we decided to implement Aquiweb, our OEE was 55%. Today, our OEE is between 80 and 85%. »

Technical director

Cartographie applicative

The features used by ETK:

Interface with a specific ERP.