Webseries – How to dematerialize production operations?

What would your daily life be like ?

  • What if you had a real time dashboard of your workshop ?
  • If you could focus on implementing action plans rather than consolidating your data every day ?
  • If you could make communication between your departments more fluid ?
  • If you could know and control your cost prices ?

etc., all this to improve your performance.


Watch our webseries in 4 episodes of 30 minutes where we explore the essential phases to succeed in your workshop digitalization project.


Discover the essential steps of a production workshop digitalization project.

A digitalization project is a company project. It must be ambitious, commensurate with the stakes, but also pragmatic, commensurate with the resources available.

Because 95% of Astrée Software’s customers recommend us(RDE study results), we suggest sharing best practices to make your project a success.

Watch our 4 episode webseries to discover how to approach an MES software implementation project for production, quality, maintenance and planning.


  • Episode 1, Why digitize ? (>> view)
  • Episode 2, How to successfully integrate  (>> view)
  • Episode 3, A use for all ? (>> view)
  • Episode 4, How to generate improvements  (>> view)

Renouvellement Label ENR 2021

Après avoir reçu le label ENR (Entreprise Numérique Responsable) en 2014, Astrée Software vient de renouveler pour la troisième fois sa labellisation. L’enquête menée par FRANCE IT et dont le résultat conditionne l’obtention du label fait ressortir un taux de recommandation de nos clients de  94%.

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Choosing the right MES software.

MES software publisher, we offer you a step-by-step guide to move forward serenely in setting up your MES software implementation project.