Mont Blanc Productions

Mont Blanc Productions specialises in the machining of high-precision mechanical parts. A flexible company on a human scale, it manufactures small and medium-sized production runs of prototypes for demanding sectors such as aerospace, defence and nuclear power.

Mont Blanc Productions

Improving workflows, digitalizing production operations and monitoring performance

The involvement of all the teams, combined with good communication around the projet, meant that the software was quickly adopted by all users, from operators to senior management.

As part of its Lean Manufacturing approach, the company has installed Aquiweb MES software on its machines in order to:

  • Re-establish the factory by focusing on organisation
  • Automate the management of customer/man/machine/ERP data flows
  • Identify the causes of stoppages and waste
  • Measure and improve industrial performance
  • Implement continuous improvement actions
  • Support and involve production teams

Aquiweb, everyday support for everyone

Advantages for managers

  • Dematerialisation and reliability of production data (ERP) available in real time and remotely
  • Production monitoring; machines, OFs, operators
  • Analysis of the causes of waste (stoppages, organisational, machine, scrap)
  • Analysis using Pareto, Waterfall, SMED settings, WO monitoring and analysis
  • Support for AIC points: TOP 5, action plan
  • Production information displayed on large screens
  • Maintenance support: machine downtime and preventive maintenance time
  • Indicators for management reviews and sharing of collective bonuses

Advantages for operators

  • Operator identification using RFID badges
  • Pointing of the WO planned in the ERP by bar code (coding)
  • Monitoring of set-up times when changing WO
  • Adapted machine vision in real time
  • Display of documentation at the WO
  • Report problems in the field by qualifying stoppages
  • Implementation of actions with the manager
  • Daily flash point
  • Total involvement in the Lean Manufacturing project

« The power of Aquiweb’s software is that it has enabled us to break down time completely into opening time and production time… »

Production Director

Mapping application

The features used by Mont Blanc Productions:

Interface with ERP Louxor servor