Plast Moulding switches to Industry 4.0


At Plast Moulding, Aquiweb software connects the operator to the digital chain and improves competitiveness through continuous improvement approach.
Since the adoption of Aquiweb, the company has seen its performance significantly improve (+ 10% OEE in one year).

In this factory, which has more than 30 machines, each area has been equipped with two color-coded screens to inform of stopping machines.
The operators have adapted to the tool thanks to a great communication work. “It is the most important task,” said Thomas Vuitton. It must be explained that this new system is not going to make them work more but better. “We chose to set up a new management system, with meetings every morning at 9 am. We talk about OEE, quality rate, tool changing time. The goal is to find solutions and not to cut heads. ”

The company believes about datas come from the ground. “10 points of OEE, that’s just the beginning, we know we’re still going to do better”. “Before, the temporary workers left their jobs because there were too many papers to fill. Now they stay. ”

Aquiweb key features :

  • Dematerialization of production orders (ERP link)
  • Detailed planning according to the data obtained from the ERP and automatic mesured progress
  • Time tracking of operators, performance analysis
  • Management of the SMED on series change and tool change
  • Quality controls at the workplace
  • Automatic generation of non-conformity cards and follow-up management
  • Preventive maintenance for presses and tooling (molds)
  • Raw material traceability
  • Documentation on dynamic display

They testify :

thomasvuittonplastmoulding  Thomas VUITTON

“In one year, we gained about 10% of OEE, a gain of € 250k. The return on investment was very fast ”

” With this system, the failures have gone from 6% to 2.5% ”



bertrandbrialiplastmoulding  Bertrand BRIALI
  Factory director

“The gains are almost immediate, it requires to follow closely the evolutions and to involve the people of the field”

“The brand image of the company, is more modern by showing an open-mindedness. It is important when receiving customers”