Syngenta : world leader in the production of pesticides and seeds

Syngenta is headquartered in Switzerland. In France, the company has 6 production sites for the production of seeds and crop protection products.

Research and innovation are strong axes. More than 5,000 researchers work in the R & D department at 11 sites around the world. The world leader in seeds collaborates with the entire agricultural world to offer products that are competitive, responsible and environmentally friendly.

In 2013, Astrée Software first worked on the Nérac site, dedicated to seeds. Since then, MES Aquiweb has installed two other sites: Gaillon and Aigues-Vives.

Syngenta Nérac logiciel MES AquiWEB

Operational excellence approach supported by MES software

The operational approach, initiated by Syngenta, was supported by the implementation of the Aquiweb software. The use allowed a better monitoring of production and a better circulation of the information between all the actors.

The production tracking software, in a simple and intuitive way, contributed to a TRS gain of 4%. This tool, attractive to operators, facilitates the engagement of people. AquiWweb was used to dematerialize the tracking and traceability of operations (process, weighing, packaging and laboratory).

Aquiweb seen by operators (production and laboratory)

The software enabled the declaration of the start and end of tasks in a reliable way: production (OF) and non-production (indirect tasks). It is a tactile and attractive tool. For laboratory work, we can make extractions more regularly and close them more easily.

Le logiciel MES vu par les managers

For the Syngenta group, the Aquiweb software offers clear reports (Adherence to the production plan, no. Of observations retrieved, no observations closed, dematerialization of quality controls, etc.).

This tool allows real-time tracking and traceability of production as well as a better exchange with the services of the factory and customers.

Syngenta achieves Class A certification with Aquiweb support

The “Class A” certification pushes the operational excellence approach even further. We talk about the excellence of the company. The best known certification of this certification is Oliver Wight.

Syngenta Nérac initiated this process in 2015 with the objective of pushing the site to structuring its day-to-day management activities. The fundamental axis is planning, but it also encompasses how to manage the organization in terms of new product introduction, operational excellence and human resource management.

Aquiweb was used to clarify machine speeds in order to transmit reliable data to the planning department. The ranges (instantaneous machine cadences + format change time) are followed in a tangible and factual manner.


Guillaume Zanello Syngenta nerac

Guillaume ZANELLO
USPP Production Manager
« Using tangible and factual data collected with Aquiweb, we increased the TRS by 4%.»

Laurent Bardet Syngenta Nerac

Florent BARDET
Factory Manager
« For our Class A certification, Aquiweb has been used for the clarification of the machine cadences.»

Laura Tournadre syngenta nerac

Operational Support Manager
« With Aquiweb, we can make extractions more regularly and fence them more easily.»