CGR Bedeville

The CGR group is a major global player in mechanical industry. 11 production sites are located in France and abroad: Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, China, Brazil and Mexico.

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CGR Bedeville in the Doubs

In Dampierre-les-Bois, CGR Bedeville molds and overmolds parts for the automotive, building and electrical industries. These parts are divided into 3 types:

  • Technical parts
  • Appearance parts
  • Overmolded and assembled parts.

The recent machine installed base consists exclusively of ARBURG and ENGEL presses equipped with SEPRO robots with a wide tonnage range (22 to 600 T). CGR Bedeville works mainly on medium and large series, integrating the prototype phase.

Continuous improvement with Aquiweb software

This company has implemented weekly and monthly metrics to guide its drive for continuous improvement. In this context, CGR Bedeville uses the Aquiweb MES software on all its production tools to:

  • Collect production data (production time, downtime, quantities)
  • Monitor production orders
  • Visual management
  • Monitor the operators
  • Analyze the performance of its workshop (OEE, GEE, etc.)
  • Production planning


Watch the video of the employees of CGR Bedeville. Managers and operators give feedback on the deployment of Aquiweb MES software.

” Aquiweb provides us with an instantaneous view of our shop’s performance. It provides us with all the necessary data to support our continuous improvement process, including the causes of non-OEE.

With Aquiweb, we can do extractions more regularly and close them more easily.”

Sébastien PHILIPPE
Production Manager

Application map

The modules used by CGR Bedeville:

Interface with Procost ERP software