Display of company data

Improved productivity through better information management. A true lean management tool, Aquiweb-Cockpit distributes dashboards composed of dynamic content, indicators (KPIs) and data from several sources (Aquiweb, ERP, Excel, files, etc.) to strategic locations in the company.

Social information, production data, company news, etc. are accessible to all employees.


Create. Distribute. Administer.

The features

An administration platform that allows you to create, control, program and customize the content to be displayed in a simple and intuitive way. Managing a fleet of screens (single or multi-site) is easy, in person or remotely, Aquiweb-Cockpit has a multitude of possibilities to control your displays, ensure internal communication and team management.


Create dynamic content

  • Data synchronization 
  • Create slides 
  • Create a dynamic presentation 
  • Use our models to simplify your work


Distribute your presentations on a network

  • Choice of a single display or duplicate content 
  • Planning my content 
  • Changing the duration of a slide 
  • PLUG & PLAY connection


Control the displays remotely

  • Preview the content of my screens
  • Assign clearances 
  • Manage your alerts


Organize teams on a daily basis

  • Take control in front of the screen
  • Browse and enter data in a dynamic display 
  • Brainstorming application
  • Presentation in front of the screen and at a distance 

cockpit screens

The advantages of the solution

Display customization

Synchronized with all your tools

Real-time multi-support update

Installation in 30 seconds

Remote screen administration

Predictive Maintenance

Digital signage, an ally for your continuous improvement process.

They use Aquiweb-Cockpit


  • Multi-site internet communication
  • Standardization of corporate communication

Time saving for information managers: +3h/week or 1 day/month


  • Set up awards rankings for each Business Unit
  • Real-time KPI and scheduling

Awareness and involvement of teams: -3 pts of absenteeism, -30% of non-conformities over 6 months.

Other Aquiweb applications


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